These are basically here for reference, although there is certainly a good chance that this ficathon will be repeated at some point. 

The Basics

It's pretty simple actually.  I thought it would be fun to do a multifandom ficathon based on song lyrics.  It's open to any fandom, genre, rating, or pairing as long as it's fanfic.  Everyone who participates will get lyrics emailed to them.  You can use the actual lyrics in your story or just write something inspired by them.  It's entirely up to you.  The lyrics will fall loosely into one of the categories below and everyone gets to pick what type of lyric they'd like to work from.  After everyone has signed up, I'll email out two sets of lyrics to each participant.  Pick whichever of the two is more interesting to you and write (if you get ambitious and want to write both, be my guest, but you only have to write one).

The Categories

- Angsty

- Romantic

- Happy / Cheerful / Hopeful (I may have to dig, but I will find something.  ;-))

- Thought Provoking / Philosophical 

- Angry

- Whimsical*

*Note, by whimsical I mean not likely to make any sort of literal sense.  Think Tori Amos and racing grapefruits.  I’ll try to pick something that lends itself well to interpretation, but consider yourselves warned.  ;-)

The Rules

The deadline for signing up with be one week from today -- February 1st.  I will email out the lyrics hopefully by February 4th.  The deadline for the stories will be March 18th which gives everyone 6 weeks.  Stories should be at least 500 words (5 drabbles is fine, if that’s your thing). 

If you don’t like either of the lyrics sent to you – if they don’t fit your fandom or they happen to be from songs you hate or whatever – email me.  I want everyone to be happy and inspired.  ;-)

How to Sign Up

You can either post a comment to this entry or email me at dknightshade @ (take out the spaces) with the following info:

Your Screen Name / Writing Name

Your Email Address

Your Category Preference


Any pimping by anyone would be greatly appreciated!