Author: fleshlycherry (Nur)
Title: Into The Sun
Fandom: BtVS
Rating: R (for theme)
Warnings: Spike acting like an evil, brutal demon.  *shrug* some people need to be warned that things like that happen.
Summary: Spike isn’t happy with the results of "curing" Dru.
Disclaimer: Render unto Joss what is his.
Companion piece to If You Are A Phoenix

She stares into the sun,
Self-inflicted pain.

It's Alright, It's Okay -- Leah Andreone

She isn’t nearly as damaged as she used to be.  It used to be butterfly wings and please but tonight it is rough and now and it just isn’t the same anymore.  He still loves her with a passion to fuel all the suns in this universe and the next, eyeballs to entrails and every little bit in between, but now that she doesn’t need him anymore, it just isn’t enough.  His human education was quite extensive and he understands the consequences of premeditated very well.  He understands that if this goes according to plan…well it will and he’s made his choice, so there is no use second guessing himself now because this will make everything better.  She’ll have to be only his again, the way it should be, and god help anyone who tries to make it otherwise.  He drags his mouth down the pale length of her throat, stopping to press a gentle kiss to the blue veins under her skin. 

“Be still, Pet.”

She arches beneath him and before he can change his mind, he is ripping into her throat with his fangs.  He drinks from her greedily, forcing her thin arms into the mattress once she realizes that he isn’t going to stop and her game of submission is not going as she planned. 

Soon she’ll be fragile again and rough treatment like this just won’t due, but in this instant he glories in his one last opportunity.  He tightens his grip on her slender wrists and allows himself to move his body against hers.  Her struggling is slower now, he’s taken too much and she is weak.  She is more than weak, one more mouthful and it will all be over.  He pulls his teeth out of her and her eyes flutter open.


The first blow snaps across her jaw; the second high on her cheek.  They fall onto her soft body like so many hail stones and by the time it’s over, he can feel the sun nearing the horizon.

The heavy drapes are closed carefully and her old dresses are hung in the closet before he returns to the bed.  He gathers her still form into his arms and brings one wrist to his mouth, biting it open.  Blood, cold and red, falls onto her lips and he cradles her slight body against this chest as it trickles down her throat.  He presses one last rough kiss to her brow and hitches her closer to him.  Her vacant eyes are fixed on the thick curtains and the sliver of sunlight starting its slow crawl across the floor.

  She always did look better in white.

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